Saliu Mustapha Foundation empowers Itakudimoh Community with generator for electric borehole

The Saliu Mustapha Foundation continues its mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of communities across Nigeria, this time by answering the call for assistance from the Itakudimoh Community. Recognizing the vital importance of access to clean water, the Foundation has generously donated a new capacity generator to power the electric borehole in Itakudimoh, ensuring uninterrupted access to clean water for the residents.


Water scarcity remains a significant challenge for many communities in Nigeria, and Itakudimoh is no exception. While the community had the infrastructure in place with an electric borehole, the lack of a reliable power source hindered access to clean water. Understanding the urgency of the situation, the Saliu Mustapha Foundation swiftly stepped in to provide the necessary support.

“We believe that access to clean water is not a luxury, but a basic human right,” stated Mr. Saliu Mustapha, Founder of the Saliu Mustapha Foundation. “By providing the generator to power the electric borehole in Itakudimoh Community, we are helping to address a fundamental need and improve the quality of life for the residents.”

The donation of the generator represents the Foundation’s commitment to sustainable solutions and community empowerment. With reliable access to clean water, the residents of Itakudimoh can enjoy improved health, sanitation, and overall well-being. The Foundation’s initiative aligns with its broader mission to support initiatives that promote human dignity, social justice, and sustainable development.

The Saliu Mustapha Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of this project, including volunteers, partners, and community members. Together, we can continue to create positive change and build stronger, more resilient communities across Nigeria. For more information about the Saliu Mustapha Foundation and its initiatives, please visit

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