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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Join Saliu Mustapha Foundation in Enriching Lives and Building a Stronger Community. Discover How You Can Make a Difference

Youth Empowerment

Transforming the educational landscape by offering scholarships and career guidance to over 500 young leaders.

Community Development

Invested in over 200 local businesses, boosting economic growth and innovation in Kwara Central.

Charity Initiatives

Providing essential aid and support to over 1,000 underprivileged families annually.

About Saliu Mustapha Foundation

Pioneering Community Transformation

Driven by the belief that every individual holds the potential to contribute meaningfully to society, our foundation has committed itself to nurturing this potential through robust educational programs, business support initiatives, and compassionate outreach efforts. Founded on the ideals of equity, innovation, and sustainability, we strive to create opportunities that allow every community member to thrive.

Founded by Saliu Mustapha, a passionate advocate for community development and youth empowerment, the Saliu Mustapha Foundation has been a cornerstone in nurturing the potential of young individuals and supporting small businesses in Kwara Central


Empowering Futures, Enriching Lives

At the Saliu Mustapha Foundation, we are committed to turning potential into reality. Through targeted educational support and entrepreneurial development, we empower the youth of Kwara Central to rise above challenges and seize opportunities. Our scholarships, mentorship programs, and small business support initiatives are more than just aid; they are investments in a brighter, more sustainable future. Explore how we are making a difference and how you can be part of this transformative journey.

Building Stronger Communities Through Compassion

Every Act of Kindness Is a Step Towards Collective Prosperity

At the Saliu Mustapha Foundation, we understand that community strength flows from the heart. Our charitable initiatives reach deep into the heart of Kwara Central, providing essential support to the most vulnerable among us. From distributing food and essential supplies to offering financial aid during crises, every effort is directed at nurturing a supportive, resilient community. Discover how our passion for charity is creating waves of positive change and learn how your participation can extend this impact even further.

Empowering Youth: SMF joins hands with AII for Parliamentary Workshop

The Saliu Mustapha Foundation is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Ameliorators International Initiatives to organize a transformative Youth Parliamentary Workshop.

International Youth Day: Saliu Mustapha Foundation hosts youth workshop

In commemoration of International Youth Day 2023, the Saliu Mustapha Foundation took a bold step towards fostering environmental consciousness and sustainable development by organizing a youth workshop centered around the theme: “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.

Saliu Mustapha Foundation hosts second Inter-Secondary School competition

Saliu Mustapha Foundation recently orchestrated the triumphant second edition of the Inter-Secondary School Competition in Kwara State

Saliu Mustapha Foundation’s Education Committee empowers students with 500 WAEC and NECO forms alongside 1,000 JAMB forms

In a remarkable display of commitment to educational empowerment, the Saliu Mustapha Foundation recently embarked on a profound initiative to distribute 500 WAEC and NECO forms, accompanied by over 1000 JAMB forms.
Uniting for a Brighter Tomorrow

Collaboration is Key to Sustainable Development

At the Saliu Mustapha Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action. Our community engagement programs are designed to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. From organizing local events like the Inter-School Quiz Competitions to hosting impactful Peace Summits, we are committed to harnessing the collective energy of Kwara Central to drive positive change. Join us as we work hand-in-hand with local communities to shape a future filled with hope and prosperity.

Saliu Mustapha Foundation

Transform Lives with Us at Saliu Mustapha Foundation

Join the movement of change makers at the Saliu Mustapha Foundation and witness firsthand the incredible impact of our collective efforts. Our volunteers are at the heart of our mission, empowering and uplifting communities throughout Kwara Central. Whether you’re assisting with educational programs, community development, or charity events, your involvement is crucial to our success. Visit us today at No 1, Basin Road, Fate Roundabout, Ilorin, Kwara State, and see how you can contribute to a legacy of positive change.

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